Natyka’s Story: A Passion for Superior Quality

Olivier Schimpf’s beginnings

The story of the Natyka brand is closely intertwined with the life of its founder, Olivier Schimpf. Olivier has always been a passionate athlete, driven by ambition and a desire for excellence. However, an injury abruptly ends his handball career at a young age.

A Meeting with Siberian Huskies

During this time, Olivier decides to adopt a dog to maintain physical activity. This is how he encounters Siberian Huskies, a breed that fascinates him with their primal instinct and close connection to nature. He quickly develops a passion for this breed and fully invests himself in the world of canine sports as a breeder and musher.

A Quest for Quality Nutrition

As a breeder, Olivier intuitively understands the nutritional needs of his athletic dogs. However, he struggles to find pet food of the required quality on the market. Convinced of the importance of high-quality ingredients and a composition rich in animal proteins, he decides to create his own recipes to meet the real needs of pets.

The Birth of Natyka

Starting in 1995, Olivier develops his own recipes, carefully selecting raw materials and prioritizing a high percentage of meat while preserving animal health. This bold and innovative choice allows him to offer superior quality food that meets the nutritional requirements of pets. Today, Natyka is globally recognized for the excellence of its products, thanks to the use of high-quality ingredients and high meat content in its recipes.

Passion for Superior Quality Animal Nutrition

Today, Natyka has become a full-fledged company, driven by a team of passionate individuals who share the same vision of providing superior quality animal nutrition. The company has earned a worldwide reputation for the exceptional quality of its products, utilizing high-quality ingredients and high meat content in its recipes. At Natyka, passion and commitment to the health and well-being of animals are at the core of every product offered.

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